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Aegean Eagles are recruiting.

pSora / Oct 06, 2018
Greetings all,

Aegean Eagles are openly recruiting PvE end-game focused players. of all classes and levels regardless of gear and experience.
Casual folk and PvMP focused players are always welcome as our kinship is home to a variety of play-styles. However, bare in mind we don't host organised events outside PvE raiding but rarely.

Basic understanding of English. Entrance with all active characters. Discord
application for desktop downloaded together with a microphone and/or headset.

No typical recruitment prerequisites apply. This site's ''application form' serves as calendar registration and is addressed to players upon admission and/or raiding allies to keep track of scheduled events.

You can find us online either in-game (pm/mail) or express your interest using our sites (recruitment forum post/calendar ''application''). A prior voice chat with an officer or an introductory forum self-presentation is encouraged but not necessary.

Raiding mains priority
Recruitment remains open to all classes.

Mainly looking for Burglars, Champions, Hunters, Wardens in view of expanding our squad for Anvil of Winterstith Tier 3 after acquiring Led the Charge title and the upcoming Minas Morgul raid.


The kinship.
Aegean Eagles are a PvE focused, international English-speaking kinship as of 2015. The kinship was founded in Gilrain (2007) as Greek only. It inhabited Snowbourn just before Mirkwood's release and eventually Evernight following servers' merge. Amidst of our endeavors to create and maintain self-sustainable, consistent raids due to our attraction to end-game and the game's gradual depopulation, we eventually decided to invite friends of ours from abroad into the kinship, as well as create an in-game inter-kinship PvE orientated custom chat channel to keep in touch with players of various backgrounds interested in quality group content. Our leading team consists of experienced raiders who have been sharing all along the kinship's founding perspective: casual raiding in a cohesive environment that favors the social experience of gaming over completions. Having said that, the kinship does strive to succeed in challenging content and has had its fair share of completions pulling off multiple full top tier clears during the following end-game eras:
~Gilrain~The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, The Watcher,
~Snowbourn~ Barad Guldur, -scaled- Ost Dunhoth & Erebor (100lvl cap),
~Evernight~ Throne of the Dread Terror, Abyss of Mordath.


Sites... (forum) (event planner)
Leading Team

This event planner is open for registration to anyone interested in raiding.
If you're looking for a casual, efficient, festive squad, this might be the place for you.

Aegean Eagles
Leading Team


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